Korčula | Croatia


Korčula is one of the larger of the 1,000 + islands that make up Croatia's coastline. It lies between Dubrovnik and Split and is a wonderful base to explore the Pelješac peninsula and other islands in South Dalmatia. It has a rich history and strong local culture, especially in music, arts, wine and olive oil production.

Lešić Dimitri Palace is hidden within the walls of the medieval town of Korčula, with its winding alleyways, terracotta-tiled houses and tiny churches, next door to the house of Marco Polo and only a stone’s throw from the crystal clear Adriatic Sea.

Discover delightful vineyards, charming villages, secluded beaches and historic buildings. Indulge in wine, olive oil and oyster tasting sessions and courtesy of the palace’s private motor and sailing yachts, explore the surrounding islands.

Flight times:

London: 2.5 hours, Paris: 2.5 hours Vienna: 1.5 hours Frankfurt: 1.5 hours Rome: 1 hour Stockholm: 3 hours

Transfer times:

From Split  - by car: 3 hours  / by speed boat: 3 hours
From Dubrovnik  - by car: 2.5 hours  / by speed boat: 2.5 hours

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Seaplane transfer:

A new twice daily seaplane service between downtown Split and Dubrovnik airport and Lumbarda (Lumbarda is little village 5 km away from Korčula town) has started. The twenty minute flight in the 19 seat planes is offering a fast and convenient way of getting to Korčula with prices starting from around 30 euros.
Please note that the baggage allowance is only 15 kilos. For full information please visit www.ec-air.eu

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